Anyone who has a pool in their house will tell you that maintaining a pool is not easy. Cleaning the pool pump filter and maintaining the chemical balance of the water requires knowledge and a certain skill set that not everyone possesses. If you don’t want to spend on San Antonio pool repair cleaning fees and charges, you can try to do the job yourself with the help of a company that offers service calls to their clients.

In a lot of cases, pool cleaning and repair jobs are simple enough that you have the option of cleaning and maintaining the pool by yourself. But there are other cases also when the problem you’re dealing with is more complicated than you thought. So instead of paying full charges for someone to come into your home and do the repairs, you should try calling a pool service company that provides excellent customer service and can guide you through the process over the phone.

Balancing pH Levels and Chlorine

One of the primary things that pool service and maintenance companies monitor is the chemical balance of the water, specifically the chlorine and pH levels. If there’s too much discrepancy in the balance, you could end up having bleached swimwear, or worse – bacteria and algae growth in the floor and walls. Chlorine levels in the water should be 1-2 parts per million, and the water’s pH level should be between 7.4 and 7.6.

Pool owners commonly make the mistake of adding more water to dilute the chlorine levels and acid. This may reduce the chlorine, but the water may end up being too diluted and the imbalance may cause negative effects on the chlorine and acid levels. Achieving the right chemical balance can be tricky for some, but not impossible to learn. Sometimes all it takes is the right brand of quality pool chemicals and a phone call to a good San Antonio pool repair and cleaning service company who will teach you how to properly use the chemicals.

Skimming and Vacuuming

Skimming involves removing the floating debris and dirt on the water’s surface. Skimming should be done every other day, or everyday especially for outdoor pools. Vacuuming involves using a suction machine to remove debris that have sunk to the bottom of the pool. You can help avoid the need for vacuuming by ensuring that skimming is done everyday, so that dirt and other floating bits are removed right away before they sink to the bottom and clog the drains.

In addition to debris and water chemical balance, you should also be concerned about cloudy pool water because this is usually caused by sediments and substances that are suspended in the water. For cloudy pool water and dirt and debris problems, you can also consider buying automatic pool cleaners and filters so that you can avoid having these same problems in the future.